What do you do, when you see what you see?

I recently spent a weekend in Moldova on a fact finding visit, with a fantastic organisation called Stella's Voice. The story of Stella's Voice is how one man saw a great need and did something about it.

In Moldova, back in the 1990's, the state orphanage system was a complete failure. The conditions were not fit for animals, let alone children, and at the age of 16 orphans were sent out of the orphanages to fend for themselves. This was seen by many as a way of escape, to get away from the pain of abandonment, the pain of rejection and the pain of never being loved. Sadly, this for many was an even worse place to be because in many cases, when the 16 year old girls and boys left the orphanages, they were picked up, offered a good life, but ended up being trafficked and sold into the sex slave trade. I know you are thinking how can this be, in this day and age. Well believe me it's true. I have spoken to many on my visit who have said if it were not for Stella's Voice, that's where they would have ended up. Now I'm not going to focus on the past, but look to the future.

On my way out to Moldova I was thinking what would I see? How would I respond? Could I cope?

What I saw, I did not expect to see.

I arrived late and was greeted by two wonderful girls from the Stella's Voice house, who were full of smiles and very happy to see me. One of the first questions I was asked was "Do you know my dad?" Your dad??? I thought. Then I realised they were talking about Philip Cameron, the man who set up Stella's Voice. He was not just someone who talked about the problem, or even paid money into the system, but he is a man who jumped in fully to what he saw. God told him to love these kids as his own and that's just what he did. I arrived at Stella's House to a beautiful room set out for me. They love to bless people and are always willing to give; this is the bit that has touched me and reminded me so much of how God works.

One word has been on my mind - excellence. You see, it was not good enough for Philip Cameron to just build a house. He built a home, and not just one home, there are now three; two for girls and one for boys. They have taken a 25 year lease on what was one of the worst orphanages in the country and turned it into a wonderful loving home for children who have been abandoned. They have seen cars drive up and adult arms place a 4 year old on the drive and then just drive off, leaving the child homeless and hopeless. That's when Stella's Voice get to work.

They care for children for the age of 4-16 in the orphanages and they then move them into a Stella's or, in the case of boys, a Simon's house. They are loved, educated, shown the love of God and given a better chance in life, all because in the 1990's one man said yes.

So the big question for me from the visit to Moldova is this:


This can mean many things for many people. We can't all be like Philip and set up something like Stella's Voice, but we can make a difference with what we see where we are. Do you turn a blind eye or cross the street when someone or something is going to cut across your journey?

How about what God is calling you to? The question remains the same:


I have no idea what's going on in your life, but I do know each day we have a choice to respond to God and what's around us. I know (because I have met them) people would be dead if not for Stella's Voice, but I have also seen that if we keep looking at the past, we cannot look to the future. If I had seen orphanages in a mess and children starving, I would have been living in the past. Seeing what I saw that weekend, I have seen what God can do when someone responds to His call.

Today, don't look at the mess and only see the problem. Look at the mess, see it through God's eyes and begin to make a change.

My question for you today is:


- Robbie Frawley