180 Records : White Goose Posse

We are delighted to announce that 180 Records has just signed White Goose Posse.

White Goose Posse are a collective of individuals who don't want to start another church, but want to help the already existing church by providing prayer and worship. A movement of people dedicated to living creative lives.

"We are passionate about mission and pray that God will really move people through our music. The reason we call ourselves White Goose Posse is because the Celtic Christian symbol for the Holy Spirit is a goose hense our name. We are really excited about partnering with 180 media and cannot wait to see how God uses us as a family to move in this nation and beyond. As we say at the White Goose Posse always dream big and dare to fly ever higher." - Craig Hutton (White Goose Posse)

We are so excited to be working with White Goose Posse, it's fantastic that they have decided to sign with us. At 180 records we are all about heart and mission, 2 qualities I have seen in all White Goose Posse do. They have a simple outlook on what they do: "if it's Gods call, then it's ours to answer."

Signing White Goose Posse to 180 Records is not just about another artist and another record deal, it's much more than that. It's a journey together, exploring what God has planned for us all at this time. We look forward to the months ahead and are already making plans for the bands 1st visit to the recording studio under the 180 record label.

Welcome to the 180 Media family White Goose Posse.